Video of State Rep Candidate Kneeling for the Pledge with Fist on Chest Surfaces

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(Video available upon request)
November 1, 2022

Arlington Heights: State representative candidate Michele Hunter, running in the 54th district (Arlington Heights Palatine Prospect Heights and Buffalo Grove), received a video today of her opponent Mary Beth Canty at an athletic event. In the video Canty is seen kneeling down with clenched fist across her chest and head lowered in the stands during the national anthem surrounded by adults and children who stood respectfully with their hand over their hearts.

“It’s sad to see this in our community and that the radical progressive politics of Canty have been hidden during this campaign. Canty is not the reasonable moderate she proclaims in her messaging and people need to know this before they vote”, said Michele Hunter.

“I was raised to respect our country and our flag, reflecting my small-town Midwest Values and I believe those values better represent the people in the newly drawn 54th. With me what you see is what you get. I love our country and what our flag stands for. And I respect all who have served and given their lives on behalf of the freedoms the flag represents,” said Hunter.

“It should never be too much to ask especially of an elected official to stand in reverence and respect of our country, flag, and anthem. What kind of example does that set for our children and grandchildren. As an elected official you take an oath of office that, in spirit, resembles the pledge of allegiance. Does that mean that she does not respect her oath of office? We are a free country to say and do just about anything we want. Mary Beth has spoken and now the voters have their chance to speak. I stand with the voters of the 54th District,” said Hunter.

Michele Hunter is a first-time candidate for elective office. Hunter is an Attorney, Entrepreneur, and Author who has Clerked for the 2nd Appellate Court District analyzing the law and legislation and most recently serving as a coverage attorney and leader for an insurance trade association.

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