“I am running for the 54th District so that the people who live here will have a voice and advocate. I will stand up for your rights.”

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About Michele

Michele Hunter is a lawyer, author, and entrepreneur who is active in her community and has now decided to run for Illinois State Representative in the 54th District.

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Attorney Michele Hunter Announces Candidacy for Illinois House

January 12, 2022
Contact: Michele Hunter
Arlington Heights: Attorney Michele Hunter is announcing her candidacy for the Illinois House of Representatives in the 54th District. Hunter is an Attorney, Entrepreneur, and Author who has Clerked for the 2nd Appellate Court District analyzing the law and legislation and most recently serving as a coverage attorney and leader for an insurance trade association.
“Attorneys are known as advocates for their clients. They serve their clients in the courtroom or legal proceedings and represent their interests and no one else. My training and my advocacy have led me to run for State Representative. The one-party control of Illinois’ government has led to legislation that is not in the interest of the people of Illinois and especially the 54th District,” said Michele Hunter.
“In the last decade, our population has decreased compared to other states and the legislature needs to address the issues that have caused this migration. Tax increases, high crime, and draconian response to the pandemic have motivated people and businesses to leave our state. With that migration the children and grandchildren of Illinoisans are seeking greener pastures where there are more opportunities,” said Hunter.
“My decision to run for State Representative was not made lightly, and it was based on my belief that I am qualified for the job and embarking on this journey for the right reasons. I also want to thank the members of my family, friends, and fellow citizens, who have encouraged my candidacy and have displayed confidence in my abilities,” said Hunter.
In addition to her job as a lawyer, Michele is a published author in her field and has worked for a marketing firm in Chicago. She is a licensed Foster Caregiver and Adoptive Parent approved by the Illinois Department of Children & Family Services. She also has a rescue dog and is a supporter of Bombshell Bullies.